About Our Company
At Grip Studs™ we’re all about increasing fun by increasing traction in a wide variety of applications – from wader and hiking boots to ATVs and lawn tractors.

Our Grip Studs™ philosophy is simple: The level of fun is directly proportional to the level of quality. We’re located here in the gateway to the Wild and Scenic Rogue River, famous for salmon and trout fishing, so we have plenty of opportunity to test our philosophy on fly fishing first hand. We all know that dependable traction underfoot is basic to an awesome fly fishing experience. And because our passion for fun is matched by our passion for quality, you can depend on Grip Studs™ wader studs to ensure the stability you need to stay on your feet in one stream after another.

We hope our products let your fishing adventure take you where only studs can go!

Walt and Sharlee
Fishing Along The Rogue River Fishing Along the Wild and Scenic Rogue, Graves Creek